Creating and importing a backup file

As soon as the product and all devices are in operation and your system is optimally configured, SMA Solar Technology AG recommends creating a backup file. If you replace your product or reset your existing product to the default settings, the backup file can be used to transfer configuration information. The backup file includes the following system and device configuration data for your product:

  • Grid management services

  • FTP

  • Network

  • Sensors

  • Analog and digital inputs

  • Analog and digital outputs

  • Meter

  • Sunny Portal setting

  • Self-defined Modbus profiles

  • System password

  • User interface login data

  • List of connected devices

Note that the following information is not included in the backup file:

  • Notifications

  • Historic energy and performance values

  • Configuration of individual inverters

Creating a backup file


  1. Log into the user interface of the Data Manager.
  2. Select the Data Manager.
  3. Select the menu item Update and backup in the menu Configuration.
  4. Select the [Create backup] button.
  5. Enter a password for encrypting the backup file and confirm with [Create and download backup]. Please note that the password will be needed later for importing the backup file.
  6. An Ibd file with all parameter settings will be downloaded.

Importing a backup file

The backup file is imported when commissioning a new or reset product. Once you have connected the product to the local network, the user interface login page opens.


  • A new or reset product must be available.

  • The backup file and the corresponding password must be available.

  • If the backup file is to be reused on a product that has been reset, the file name must not be changed.


  1. Select [Start restoration] on the login page of the user interface.
  2. The installation assistant will open.
  3. Follow the installation assistant steps and, at the appropriate point, select the previously saved Ibd file. Note that the backup file password will be needed here.
  4. Confirm with [Upload backup file].
  5. The Ibd file with all parameter settings will be uploaded to the product. The product restarts automatically. This process can take several minutes.