Intended Use

The SMA Data Manager M is a data logger that acts as a system gateway and energy manager. PV system components and PV systems are integrated into the SMA infrastructure via the SMA Data Manager M. This includes energy generators and loads, I/O systems and energy meters. The SMA Data Manager M is suited for systems with a maximum total PV or battery power of 2.5 MVA. In the process, the SMA Data Manager M is supporting communication with up to 50 devices such as PV inverters, battery inverters, energy meters and I/O systems.

The product is designed for indoor use only.

The product conforms with the EU grid connection conditions according to regulation (EU) 2016/631.

All components must remain within their permitted operating ranges and their installation requirements at all times.

Use SMA products only in accordance with the information provided in the enclosed documentation and with the locally applicable laws, regulations, standards and directives. Any other application may cause personal injury or property damage.

Any use of the product other than that described in the Intended Use section does not qualify as the intended use.

The enclosed documentation is an integral part of this product. Keep the documentation in a convenient, dry place for future reference and observe all instructions contained therein.

This document does not replace and is not intended to replace any local, state, provincial, federal or national laws, regulations or codes applicable to the installation, electrical safety and use of the product. SMA Solar Technology AG assumes no responsibility for the compliance or non-compliance with such laws or codes in connection with the installation of the product.

The type label must remain permanently attached to the product.