Decommissioning the Product


Danger to life due to electric shock

Lethal voltages are present at the connection point of the utility grid.

  1. Disconnect the connection point from the utility grid using the separator (e.g. circuit breaker).
  1. Pull the two-pole power supply unit plug out of the jack X1 on the Data Manager.
  2. Release the RJ45 network cable plug and pull out of the network port X4 or X5 on the Data Manager.
  3. Pull the six-pole power supply unit plug out of the jack X3 on the Data Manager.
  4. Disassembling the Data Manager
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    • If mounted on a top-hat rail, detach the Data Manager from the top-hat rail. Tilt the lower edge of the Data Manager forwards and lift it up and off the top-hat rail.

    • If mounted on a wall, remove the screws from the brackets and remove the Data Manager.

  5. If the Data Manager is to be disposed of, dispose of the Data Manager in accordance with the locally applicable disposal regulations for electronic waste.