Keep the manual for future reference.

This section contains safety information that must be observed at all times when working.

The product has been designed and tested in accordance with international safety requirements. As with all electrical or electronical devices, there are residual risks despite careful construction. To prevent personal injury and property damage and to ensure long-term operation of the product, read this section carefully and observe all safety information at all times.


Danger to life due to electric shock

Under fault conditions, when working on the power supply circuit there may be dangerous voltages present on the product. This can result in death or serious injury.

  1. For power supply units with a fixed connection, make sure that a disconnection unit (e.g. miniature circuit breaker) is present outside the power supply unit.
  2. For power supply units with a plug connection, make sure that the electrical outlet for the power supply unit is close to the power supply unit.
  3. The disconnection unit and the electrical outlet for the power supply unit must be freely accessible at all times.


Damage due to electromagnetic radiation

This product emits electromagnetic radiation during operation, which may interfere with the operation of other devices and active body aids (e.g. pacemakers).

  1. Persons must not remain closer than 20 cm (8 in) to the product for long periods of time.


Damage to the product due to condensation

If the product is moved from a cold environment to a warm environment, condensation may form in the product. This can damage the product or impair its functionality.

  1. When there are large temperature differences, wait until the product has reached room temperature to connect the voltage supply.
  2. Make sure the product is dry.


Manipulation of system data in networks

You can connect the supported SMA products to the Internet. When connected to the Internet, there is a risk that unauthorized users can access and manipulate the data of your system.

  1. Set up a firewall.
  2. Close unnecessary network ports.
  3. If absolutely necessary, only enable remote access via a virtual private network (VPN).
  4. Do not use the port forwarding feature. This also applies to the used Modbus ports.
  5. Disconnect system components from other network components (network segmentation).


High costs due to inappropriate Internet tariff

Depending on use, the data volume of the product transferred via the Internet may vary in size. The data volume depends, for example, on the number of devices in the system, the frequency of device updates, the frequency of data transfer to Sunny Portal or the use of FTP push. High costs for the Internet connection can be the result.

  1. SMA Solar Technology AG recommends using an Internet flat rate with a monthly data volume of at least 1 GB for systems with up to five SMA products.
  2. SMA Solar Technology AG recommends using an Internet flat rate with a monthly data volume of at least 3 GB for systems with up to 50 SMA products.
  3. SMA Solar Technology AG recommends a data transfer rate of at least 10 Mbit/s for flat-rate surfing.

Electrical installations (for North America)

All installations must conform with the laws, regulations, codes and standards applicable in the jurisdiction of installation (e.g. National Electrical Code® ANSI/NFPA 70 or Canadian Electrical Code® CSA-C22.1.).

  1. Before connecting the product to the utility grid, contact your local grid operator. The electrical connection of the product must be carried out by qualified persons only.
  2. Ensure that the cables or conductors used for electrical connection are not damaged.

DHCP Server is recommended.

The DCHP server automatically assigns the appropriate network settings to your nodes in the local network. A manual network configuration is therefore not necessary. In a local network, the Internet router is usually the DHCP server. If the IP addresses in the local network are to be assigned dynamically, DHCP must be activated in the Internet router (see the Internet router manual). In order to receive the same IP address by the internet router after a restart, set the MAC address binding.

In networks where no DHCP server is active, proper IP addresses must be assigned from the free address pool of the network segment to all network participants to be integrated during commissioning.

IP addresses of Modbus devices

In systems with Modbus devices, static IP addresses must be assigned to all Modbus devices. Suitable IP addresses can be assigned to the Modbus devices from the free address supply of the network segment either manually or dynamically via DHCP.

If the IP addresses are to be assigned dynamically, DHCP must be activated in the router (see the router manual). Make sure that the Modbus devices do not contain variable IP addresses but always the same IP addresses.

This also applies to data managers that are used as subordinated devices (slaves).

Completion of data after interruption of communication

If the data communication between the Data Manager and SMA products connected via SMA Speedwire is interrupted, the data will be retrieved subsequently for the time of the interruption. Data is retrieved with a maximum interruption period of 7 days. Existing data of newly connected SMA products will not be transmitted until the Data Manager is commissioned. Historical data of SMA products are only available in the user interface of the SMA product.

Possible causes for the interruption of the data communication can be:

  1. Interruptions of the SMA Speedwire connection
  2. Resetting connected SMA products over a period of several hours
  3. Voltage supply interruption