Configuring Reactive Power as a Function of Grid Voltage

With the data manager, you can implement reactive power as a function of grid voltage (Q(V)) into your system.


Responsibility of the system operator for grid management service specifications

The system operator is responsible for the correctness of the configurations and information on grid management services and system power. Incorrect settings and specifications can result in device and system damages.

  1. Set the grid management service specifications required by the grid operator and laid down in the standards correctly. Contact the grid operator if necessary.
  2. Enter correct values for system power. Adjust the values for system power during system expansions.
  3. Ensure that all required default values are applied or sent cyclically.


  • There must be an appropriate energy meter installed at the grid-connection point within the system.


  1. Log into the user interface of the Data Manager.
  2. Select the menu item Grid management service in the menu Configuration.
  3. Select the button Configuration and activation in the Reactive power row.
  4. The installation assistant will open.
  5. Confirm every step with [Continue]
  6. Select the operating mode Closed-loop control.
  7. Select the signal source Reactive power / voltage characteristic curve Q(V).
  8. Follow the installation assistant steps and make the settings according to the specifications required by the grid operator and laid down in the standards.
  9. Click on [Save].
  10. In case of new and replaced inverters, select the menu item Parameter in the menu Configuration and set the following parameters:
    • Country standard of inverter

    • Operating mode of the inverter feed-in management.