Replacing SMA Com Gateway with RS485 Devices

The product can be used in existing systems with RS485 devices to include the system into the SMA infrastructure. The RS485 devices are included via RS485 interface of the product. The product replaces an existing SMA Com Gateway in the system. For this purpose, the SMA Com Gateway only needs to be replaced with the product. The RS485 devices communicate with the product either via Modbus RTU or SMA Data1. Mixed operation of both protocols is not intended.


  • The same baud rate (1200 baud, 9600 baud or 19200 baud) must be set in all RS485 devices. Devices with SMA Data1 support baud rates of 1200 baud and 19200 baud.



    Danger to life due to electric shock

    Lethal voltages are present at the connection point of the utility grid.

    1. Disconnect the connection point from the utility grid using the separator (e.g. miniature circuit breaker).
    2. Pull the two-pole power supply unit plug out of the jack X1 on the SMA Com Gateway.
  2. Release the RJ45 network cable plug and pull out of the network port X4 or X5 on the SMA Com Gateway.
  3. Pull the six-pole plug for connecting the RS485 devices out of the port X2 on the SMA Com Gateway.
  4. Remove the SMA Com Gateway:
    • 8639586444
    • If mounted on a DIN rail, unhook the SMA Com Gateway from the DIN rail. To do so, tilt the lower edge of the SMA Com Gateway forwards and remove the SMA Com Gateway upwards out of the DIN rail.

    • If mounted on a wall, remove the screws from the brackets and remove the SMA Com Gateway.

  5. If the SMA Com Gateway is to be disposed of, dispose of the SMA Com Gateway in accordance with the locally applicable disposal regulations for electronic waste.
  6. Mount the product Mounting the product).
  7. Connect all plugs to the product Overview of the Connection Area).
  8. Commission the product Commissioning the Product).
  9. If the SMA Com Gateway has been removed from a system with an existing SMA Data Manager, delete all connected devices via the SMA Data Manager's user interface and add them again.