Establishing a Connection via Ethernet in the local network

Access addresses of the product

To connect a web browser to the product, the serial number of the product must be available. The serial number is part of the access addresses of the product.

  1. Access address for Apple and Linux systems: SMA[serial number].local (e.g. SMA0123456789.local)
  2. Access address for Windows and Android systems: https://SMA[serial number] (e.g. https://SMA0123456789)

Ports for data communication

In small local networks the use of certain ports is unrestricted. In industrial networks, the use of these ports may require authorization from the system administrator. For proper operation, the outgoing Internet connection must allow the use of the following ports and URLs:

  1. FTP push: Port 21 (FTP)
  2. Updates: Port 80 and 443 (http/https) /
  3. Time synchronization with Sunny Portal (if not provided by the Internet router): Port 123 (NTP) /
  4. Data transmission: Port 443 (https/TLS) /
  5. User interface: Port 443 (https/TLS) /
  6. SMA Webconnect 1.5 and SMA SPOT: Port 9524 (TCP) /


  • The product must be connected to the local network via a network cable (e.g. via a router).

  • The IPv4 protocol must be used.

  • An end device (e.g. computer or tablet PC) must be available.

  • The end device must be in the same local network as the product.

  • The respective latest version of one of the following web browsers must be installed: Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

  • JavaScript must be enabled in the web browser of the end device.


  1. Open the web browser of your end device, enter the access address of the product in the address line of the web browser and press the enter key.
  2. Web browser signals a security vulnerability

    After the IP address has been entered, a message might appear indicating that the connection to the user interface of the product is not secure. SMA Solar Technology AG guarantees the security of the user interface.

    1. Continue loading the user interface.
  • The login page of the user interface opens after a few seconds.