Speedwire Encryption of the System Communication

Speedwire encryption is used to encrypt system communication between all compatible Speedwire devices. In order to be able to use the Speedwire encryption in the system, all connected Speedwire devices, apart from the SMA Energy Meter, must support the SMA Speedwire Encrypted Communication function.

Speedwire encryption for systems with one Data Manager

In systems with more than one Data Manager, there can be overlaps in the system encryption.

  1. Only enable the Speedwire encryption in systems with one Data Manager.


  • All devices in the local network must be in operation and connected to the product via an Internet router.

  • All devices must support the Speedwire encryption.


  1. Log into the user interface of the Data Manager.
  2. Select the menu item Device administration in the menu Configuration.
  3. Select the button.
  4. Select SMA Speedwire devices and confirm with [Next].
  5. All SMA Speedwire devices in the systems are searched for and displayed.
  6. Enable SMA Speedwire encryption and select [Continue].
  7. Assign a new system password and select [Save].