Configuring EEBUS Devices

The EEBUS communication standard enables automatic data exchange for efficient use of energy. You can add devices to the system that feature the EEBUS communication standard (currently only Audi e-tron charging system connect). Only 1 EEBUS device can be connected to the product.


  • The EEBUS devices must be in operation and connected to the local network.

  • The licensed function must be purchased and activated.


  1. Log into the user interface of the Data Manager.
  2. Select the menu item Device administration in the menu Configuration.
  3. Select the button.
  4. Select EEBUS devices and confirm with [Next].
  5. Fill out the input fields and confirm with [Next].
  6. Note down the SKI device ID and start the search with [Start search now].
  7. Available EEBUS devices in the system are searched for and displayed.
  8. Enter a device name for the EEBUS device found and select [Next].
  9. To complete the configuration, perform the coupling on the EEBUS device (see manufacturer's manual). To do this, keep the SKI device identifier of the product ready.
  • The connected EEBUS device is displayed on the dashboard.