Updating the Firmware of Connected SMA Products

There are 2 ways to update the firmware of connected SMA products:

  • Enabling Automatic Firmware Update (recommended)

  • Updating the firmware at the Data Manager via USB flash drive

Enabling Automatic Firmware Update (recommended)

  • Activating the automatic firmware update via the user interface during commissioning. By activating the automatic firmware update, the Data Manager searches and installs new firmware versions of connected SMA products automatically provided an Internet connection exists. In the process, an available firmware update may take up to 48 hours.

  • Subsequently, the automatic firmware update can be enabled in the device parameters of the Data Manager. To do this, select the menu item Parameters in the Configuration menu and for the parameter Device updates turned on select the value Yes.

Updating the firmware at the Data Manager via USB flash drive

Firmware updates despite disabled automatic firmware update

The firmware update of the USB flash drive is installed on connected SMA products even if the automatic firmware update function is disabled in the parameters.

  1. Only insert the USB flash drive with firmware updates into the USB port if firmware updates are to be installed.


  • A USB flash drive with maximum 32 GB storage capacity and file system FAT32 must be available.

  • USB flash drive of at least version 2.0

  • The Data Manager must be in operation.

  • The Data Manager must be connected to the connected SMA products via the local network.

  • The connected SMA products must be in operation.


  1. Create an update folder on the USB flash drive.
  2. Download the desired update file with the file ending *.up2 at www.SMA-Solar.com.
  3. Save the update file in the update folder on the USB flash drive.
  4. Plug the USB flash drive into the Data Manager USB port.
  5. The System LED flashes orange while the update file is being checked.
  6. The firmware of the connected SMA products will be updated. Depending on the SMA product and the transmission quality, this process can take several hours.
  7. In the Event monitor menu on the Data Manager user interface, check whether the firmware has been updated successfully.
  8. Once the firmware has been successfully updated, pull the USB flash drive out of the Data Manager USB port.