Decommissioning the Inverter

Qualified person

To decommission the inverter completely upon completion of its service life, proceed as described in this Section.


Risk of injury due to weight of product

Injuries may result if the product is lifted incorrectly or dropped while being transported or mounted.

  1. Transport and lift the product carefully. Take the weight of the product into account.
  2. Wear suitable personal protective equipment for all work on the product.



    Danger to life due to high voltages

    1. Disconnect the inverter from all voltage sources Disconnecting the Inverter from Voltage Sources).
  2. Remove the DC cable from the terminal blocks for the DC connection.
  3. 3447862668
  4. Remove the AC conductors from the AC-out terminal block. To release the conductors from the terminals, open the terminals with a flat-blade screwdriver (blade width: 3.5 mm).
  5. Screw out the screws from the AC-out terminal block using a flat-blade screwdriver (blade width: 3.5 mm) and pull the terminal block out of the slot.
  6. 3447863052
  7. Remove all connection cables from the jacks located on the battery interface module.
  8. Remove all equipment grounding conductors from the equipment grounding terminals. To do this, loosen each screw (TX 25), remove the equipment grounding conductor from the inverter and retighten each screw (TX 25).
  9. 3447863436
  10. Remove the network cables from the jacks of the communication assembly.
  11. Remove all cable glands from the inverter. To do so, unscrew the counter nut from inside and remove the cable glad from the enclosure opening.
  12. Seal all enclosure openings with sealing plugs.
  13. Lead the enclosure lid to the Connection Unit and plug the ribbon cable into the socket on the communication assembly.
  14. Ensure that the ribbon cable is securely plugged into the sockets at both ends.
  15. Position the enclosure lid of the Connection Unit on the enclosure and tighten all 6 screws crosswise (TX 25, torque: 3 Nm ± 0.3 Nm).
  16. If the inverter is secured against theft with a padlock, open the padlock and remove it from the inverter.
  17. 3447863820
  18. Unscrew the screw M5x60 which fastens the inverter to the wall mounting bracket (TX25).
  19. 3447864204
  20. Remove the inverter by lifting it vertically up and off the wall mounting bracket.
  21. Unscrew the screws for fastening the wall mounting bracket and remove the wall mounting bracket.
  22. If the inverter is to be stored or shipped, pack the inverter and the wall mounting bracket. Use the original packaging or packaging that is suitable for the weight and dimensions of the inverter and secure the packaging with tension belts, if necessary.
  23. Dispose of the inverter in accordance with the locally applicable disposal regulations for electronic waste.