Start Page Design of the User Interface


Design of the user interface's start page (example)






Provides the following functions:

  • Home

    Opens the user interface homepage

  • Instantaneous values

    Current measured values of the inverter

  • Device Parameters

    The various operating parameters of the inverter can be viewed and configured here depending on the user group.

  • Events

    All events that have occurred in the selected time period are displayed here. The event types are Information, Warning and Error. Currently existing events of the types Error and Warning will be additionally displayed in the Device status viewlet. However, only the higher-priority event is displayed. If, for example, there is a Warning and an Error present at the same time, only the Error will be displayed.

  • Device configuration

    Various settings for the inverter can be made here. The selection available is dependent on which user group you are logged in as and the operating system of the device with which the user interface has been called up.

  • Data

    You will find all data that is saved in the internal memory of the inverter or on an external storage medium on this page.


User settings

Provides the following functions, depending on the user group logged in:

  • Starting the installation assistant

  • SMA Grid Guard login

  • Logout



Provides the following functions:

  • Displaying information on Open Source licenses used

  • Link to the website of SMA Solar Technology AG


Status bar

Displays the following information:

  • Inverter serial number

  • Inverter firmware version

  • IP address of the inverter within the local network and/or IP address of the inverter during WLAN connection

  • With WLAN connection: Signal strength of WLAN connection

  • User group logged in

  • Date and device time of the inverter


State of charge

Chronological sequence of the state of charge (SOC) of the battery

This value may be different from the values that the battery provides. Only the value supplied by the inverter is used for this purpose.


Status display

The various areas display information on the current status of the system.

  • Device status

    Displays whether the inverter and/or the battery is/are currently in a fault-free operating state or whether there is an event type Error or Warning present.

  • Feed-in management

    Displays whether the inverter is currently limiting its active power.

  • Nominal energy throughput of the battery

    Indicates how much energy has been charged to the battery and how much has been discharged from the battery.

  • Battery

    Displays the following information:

    • Operating status of battery

    • Current battery state of charge

    • Current battery charging power

  • Energy exchange at the grid-connection point

    Indicates how much energy was obtained from the utility grid to supply the household and how much the PV system fed in.

  • Power at the grid connection point

    Indicates which power is currently fed in or obtained at the grid-connection point.