Connecting Switch for black start (in battery-backup systems)

Qualified person

The switch for black start is connected to the same jack as the switch for secure power supply operation. Observe that the secure power supply operation is not available in battery-backup systems.

Requirements for the conductors:

  • Conductor cross-section: 0.2 mm² to 2.5 mm²

  • The conductor type and wiring method must be appropriate for the application and location.

  • Maximum length of conductors: 10 m


  1. Remove the sealing plug from the opening for connecting the switch for secure power supply operation.
  2. Insert the cable gland into the opening and tighten it with the counter nut from the inside.
  3. Guide the conductors into the inverter.
  4. Strip off the conductor insulation by min. 6 mm to max. 10 mm.
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  6. Connect the conductors to the 2-pole terminal blocks. Ensure that the conductors are plugged completely into the terminal points up to their insulation.
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  8. Stick the terminal block into the slot on the battery interface module in the inverter.
  9. Ensure that the terminal block is securely in place.
  10. Ensure that all conductors are correctly connected.
  11. Ensure that the conductors sit securely in the terminal points. Tip: To release the conductors from the terminal block, open the terminal points using a suitable tool.
  12. Install switch in desired position (e.g. next to the inverter or as switch/outlet combination optionally at short distance from the inverter (to max. 10 m)).
  13. Connect the other end of the cable directly to the switch.