Configuring the Energy Meter

You can add an energy meter to your PV system or replace an existing energy meter.

The basic procedure for changing operating parameters is explained in another section Changing Operating Parameters).

Removing a detected energy meter from the PV system

If only one energy meter is detected by the inverter, this will be added to the PV system automatically. Removal via the menu Device configuration is not possible in this case. To remove the energy meter from the PV system, proceed as follows:

  1. In the parameter group System communication > Measured values > Meter on Speedwire, set the parameter Serial number to any number (e.g. 1). In this way, instead of the energy meter detected, the PV system will add a fictitious energy meter to which the inverter cannot establish communication.


  1. Activate the user interface Establishing a connection to the user interface).
  2. Log in as Installer.
  3. Start the installation assistant Starting the Installation Assistant).
  4. In the context menu, select [Starting the installation assistant].
  5. Select [Save and next] until you get to the step Meter configuration.
  6. Add or replace the desired energy meter.