Requirements for the DC Connection

Fusing the DC terminals:

Each DC terminal is designed for a maximum charging/discharging current of 10 A. The conditional short-time current-carrying capacity of all inputs is 40 A. Batteries that have no short-circuit current limitation or are designed for a limitation of the short-circuit current greater than 40 A must be additionally fused. The additional fusing must be designed so that it limits possible short-circuit currents to <40 A.

Cable requirements:

  • Conductor cross-section: 2.5 mm² to 10 mm²

  • Insulation stripping length: 12 mm

  • The conductors must consist of copper.

  • The conductors must be made of solid wire, stranded wire or fine stranded wire. When using fine stranded wire, bootlace ferrules must be used.

  • Maximum cable length: 10 m