Configuring the Modbus Function

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The Modbus interface is deactivated by default and the communication ports 502 set.

In order to access SMA invertes with SMA Modbus® or SunSpec® Modbus®, the Modbus interface must be activated. After activating the interface, the communication ports of both IP protocols can be changed. For information on commissioning and configuration of the Modbus interface, see the technical information "SMA and SunSpec Modbus® Interface" at

For information on which Modbus registers are supported, see the technical information "Modbus® parameters and measured values" at

Data security during enabled Modbus interface

If you enable the Modbus interface, there is a risk that unauthorized users may access and manipulate the data or devices in your PV system.

To ensure data security, take appropriate protective measures such as:

  1. Set up a firewall.
  2. Close unnecessary network ports.
  3. Only enable remote access via VPN tunnel.
  4. Do not set up port forwarding at the communication port in use.
  5. In order to disable the Modbus interface, reset the inverter to the default settings or disable the parameter again.

Deactivate the dynamic active power limitation for the PV inverters when controlled via Modbus

If the PV inverters and the battery inverter are controlled in a PV system via Modbus, the dynamic active power limitation of the PV inverters must be deactivated.


  1. Activate the Modbus interface and adjust the communication ports if necessary (see the technical information "SMA and SunSpec Modbus® Interface" at