Commissioning the Inverter

Qualified person


Danger to life due to fire or explosion when batteries are fully discharged

A fire may occur due to incorrect charging of fully discharged batteries. This can result in death or serious injury.

  1. Before commissioning the system, verify that the battery is not fully discharged.
  2. Do not commission the system if the battery is fully discharged.
  3. If the battery is fully discharged, contact the battery manufacturer for further proceedings.
  4. Only charge fully discharged batteries as instructed by the battery manufacturer.


  • The AC circuit breaker must be correctly rated and mounted.

  • The product must be correctly mounted.

  • All cables must be correctly connected.

  • Unused enclosure openings must be sealed tightly with sealing plugs.


  1. Lead the enclosure lid to the Connection Unit and plug the ribbon cable into the socket on the communication assembly.
  2. Ensure that the ribbon cable is securely plugged into the sockets at both ends.
  3. Position the enclosure lid of the Connection Unit on the enclosure and tighten all 6 screws crosswise (TX 25, torque: 3 Nm ± 0.3 Nm).
  4. Switch on the AC circuit breaker.
  5. Switch on the battery or the load-break switch of the battery (see documentation of the battery manufacturer).
  6. All three LEDs light up. The start-up phase begins.
  7. All three LEDs go out again after approximately 90 seconds.
  8. Depending on the available power, the green LED pulses or is continuously illuminated. The inverter is feeding in.
  9. If the LEDs do not start to glow, the ribbon cable between the assembly in the enclosure lid and the communication assembly in the inverter is most likely not properly plugged in. Ensure that the ribbon cable is securely plugged into the sockets at both ends.
  10. If the green LED is still flashing, the conditions for activating feed-in operation are not yet met. As soon as the conditions for feed-in operation are met, the inverter starts with feed-in operation and, depending on the available power, the green LED will light up continuously or it will pulse.