Checking or Disabling Battery-Backup Operation

You may check the battery-backup operation. This ensures that the battery-backup system works and provides a battery-backup grid in the event of utility grid failure.

The basic procedure for changing operating parameters is explained in another section Changing Operating Parameters).


  1. Select the parameter Backup box operating mode and set it to Force.
  2. The battery-backup operation is started.
  3. To ensure that the battery-backup system works, proceed as follows: check loads, select the menu [Results] and check whether a battery-backup system error is displayed. During battery-backup operation, the loads must be supplied with energy from the battery-backup system. If the loads are supplied with energy, an error has occurred. If an error is displayed in the menu [Results], it must be fixed.
  4. To finish the check, set the parameter Backup box operating mode to Auto.
  5. To disable the battery-backup operation, set the parameter Backup box operating mode to Off. The battery-backup operation is disabled until it is re-enabled manually. The battery-backup operation is enabled when it is set to Auto.