Activate WPS Function

The WPS function can be used for different purposes:

  • Automatic connection to a network (e.g. via router)

  • Direct connection between the product and an end device

Depending on the intended application of the WPS function, the procedure for activation will vary.

Activating WPS function for automatic connection to a network


  • WLAN must be activated in the product.

  • WPS must be activated on the router.


  1. Open the user interface Establishing a connection to the user interface).
  2. Log in as Installer.
  3. Start the installation assistant Starting the Installation Assistant).
  4. Select Network configuration.
  5. Select WPS for WLAN network button in the WLAN tab.
  6. Select Activate WPS.
  7. Select Save and next and exit the installation assistant.
  • The WPS function is activated and the automatic connection to the network can be established.

Activating the WPS function for direct connection to the end device.

  • Activate the WPS function on the inverter. To do this, tap twice on the enclosure lid of the Connection Unit.

    The blue LED flashes quickly for approx. two minutes. The WPS function is active during this time.