Changing Operating Parameters

The operating parameters of the inverter are set to certain values by default. You can change the operating parameters to optimize the performance of the inverter.

This section describes the basic procedure for changing operating parameters. Always change operating parameters as described in this section. Some function-sensitive parameters can only be viewed by qualified persons and can only be changed by qualified persons by entering the personal SMA Grid Guard code.


  • Changes to grid-relevant parameters must be approved by the responsible grid operator.


  1. Open the user interface Establishing a connection to the user interface).
  2. Log into the user interface Logging In and Out of the User Interface).
  3. Call up the menu Device Parameters.
  4. Click on [Edit parameters].
  5. Log in using the SMA Grid Guard code to change those parameters designated by a lock (only for installers):
  6. Expand the parameter group that contains the parameter which is to be configured.
  7. Change the desired parameters.
  8. Select [Save all] to save the changes.
  • The inverter parameters are set.

Accepting the settings

Saving the made settings is indicated by an hourglass symbol on the user interface. If the DC voltage is sufficient, the data is transferred directly to the inverter and accepted. If the DC voltage is too low (e.g. when the battery is switched off), the settings are saved, but they cannot be directly transferred to or accepted by the inverter. As long as the inverter has not yet received and accepted the settings, the hourglass symbol will continue to be displayed on the user interface. The settings will be accepted when there is sufficient DC voltage applied and the inverter restarts. As soon as the hourglass symbol appears on the user interface, the settings have been saved. The settings will not be lost. You can log off of the user interface and leave the system.