Starting the Installation Assistant

Qualified person

The installation assistant leads you step-by-step through the steps necessary for the initial configuration of the inverter.

Layout of the installation assistant


Layout of the installation assistant (example)





Configuration steps

Overview of the installation assistant steps. The number of steps depends on the type of device and the additionally installed modules. The current step is highlighted in blue.


User information

Information about the current configuration step and the setting options of the configuration step.


Configuration field

You can make settings in this field.


  • When configuring after completion of the first ten feed-in hours or after exiting the installation assistant, the SMA Grid Guard code must be available in order to change the grid-relevant parameters (see "Application for SMA Grid Guard Code" at


  1. Open the user interface Establishing a connection to the user interface).
  2. Log in as Installer.
  3. Select the menu User Settings Start Page Design of the User Interface) on the start page of the user interface.
  4. In the context menu, select [Starting the installation assistant].
  • The installation assistant will open.