Configuring Battery and Automatic Transfer Switching Device

When a battery is replaced or a new battery is added, and when the system is upgraded with an automatic transfer switching device to a battery-backup system or an existing automatic transfer switching device is replaced, the new components must be reconfigured as described below.


  1. Open the user interface Establishing a connection to the user interface).
  2. Log in as Installer.
  3. Start the installation assistant Starting the Installation Assistant).
  4. Click on [Save and next] for each step up to the step Battery configuration.
  5. Click on the button New configuration Battery / backup power supply.
  6. New components are detected. The detection process may take several minutes. Wait until all the connected batteries are detected and shown in the overview.
  7. In case of battery-backup systems, make the settings in the Battery-backup system step. For this purpose, all batteries connected to the inverter must be shown in the overview.