Changing Operating Parameters

This section describes the basic procedure for changing operating parameters. Always change operating parameters as described in this section. Some function-sensitive parameters can only be viewed and changed by qualified persons (for further information on changing parameters, refer to the manual of the communication product).

The operating parameters of the inverter are set to certain values by default. To optimize inverter operation, you can change the operating parameters using a communication product.


  • Depending on the type of communication, a computer with Ethernet interface must be available.

  • A communication product corresponding to the type of communication used must be available.

  • The inverter must be registered in the communication product.

  • The changes to the grid-relevant parameters must be approved by the responsible grid operator.

  • When changing grid-relevant parameters, the SMA Grid Guard code must be available (see "Application for SMA Grid Guard Code" at


  1. Call up the user interface of the communication product or software and log in as Installer or User.
  2. If required, enter the SMA Grid Guard code.
  3. Select and set the required parameter.
  4. Save settings.