Connecting the Inverter to the Utility Grid

Qualified person


  • The connection requirements of the grid operator must be met.

  • The grid voltage must be in the permissible range. The exact operating range of the inverter is specified in the operating parameters.


  1. Disconnect the circuit breaker from all three line conductors and secure against reconnection.
  2. If the lower enclosure lid is mounted, loosen all screws of the lower enclosure lid using an Allen key (AF 3) and lift the enclosure lid from below and remove it.
  3. Remove the adhesive tape from the enclosure opening for the AC cable.
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  5. Insert the cable gland from the outside into the enclosure opening and tighten it from the inside with the counter nut.
  6. Route the AC cable into the inverter through the cable gland. If necessary, slightly loosen the swivel nut of the cable gland.
  7. Dismantle the AC cable.
  8. Shorten L1, L2, L3 and N by 5 mm each so that the grounding conductor is 5 mm longer.
  9. Strip off the insulation of L1, L2, L3, N and PE by 12 mm.
  10. Push the safety levers of the AC terminal block right up to the stop.

    Risk of fire if two conductors are connected to one terminal

    If you connect two conductors to a terminal, a fire can occur due to a bad electrical connection.

    1. Never connect more than one conductor per terminal.

    Danger of crushing when locking levers snap shut

    The locking levers close by snapping down fast and hard.

    1. Press the locking levers of the terminal block for the AC cable down with your thumb only.
    2. Do not grip the entire terminal block for the AC cable.
    3. Do not place your fingers under the locking levers.
  13. Connect PE, N, L1, L2 and L3 according to the labeling to the terminal block for the AC cable and push the safety levers down. The direction of the rotating magnetic field of L1, L2 and L3 is not relevant.
  14. Make sure that all conductors are securely in place.
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  16. Tighten the swivel nut of the cable gland.