Symbols on the Product



Beware of a danger zone

This symbol indicates that the product must be additionally grounded if additional grounding or equipotential bonding is required at the installation site.

Beware of electrical voltage

The product operates at high voltages.

Beware of hot surface

The product can get hot during operation.

Danger to life due to high voltages in the inverter; observe a waiting time of 5 minutes

High voltages that can cause lethal electric shocks are present in the live components of the inverter.

Prior to performing any work on the inverter, disconnect it from all voltage sources as described in this document.

Observe the documentation

Observe all documentation supplied with the product.

Observe the documentation

Together with the red LED, this symbol indicates an error.


Together with the green LED, this symbol indicates the operating state of the inverter.

No function

Three-phase alternating current with neutral conductor

Direct current

The product is has no galvanic isolation.

WEEE designation

Do not dispose of the product together with the household waste but in accordance with the disposal regulations for electronic waste applicable at the installation site.

The product is suitable for outdoor installation.

Degree of protection IP65

The product is protected against the penetration of dust and water that is directed as a jet against the enclosure from all directions.

CE marking

The product complies with the requirements of the applicable EU directives.

RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark)

The product complies with the requirements of the applicable Australian standards.

The product complies with the Moroccan safety and EMC requirements for electronic products.