Interfaces and Functions

The inverter can be equipped or retrofitted with the following interfaces and functions:

SMA Speedwire/Webconnect

The inverter is equipped with SMA Speedwire/Webconnect as standard. SMA Speedwire/Webconnect is a type of communication based on the Ethernet standard. This enables inverter-optimized 10/100 Mbit data transmission between Speedwire devices in PV systems and the software Sunny Explorer. The Webconnect function enables direct data transmission between the inverters of a small-scale system and the Internet portal Sunny Portal without any additional communication device and for a maximum of 4 inverters per Sunny Portal system. In large-scale PV power plants, data transmission to the Internet portal Sunny Portal is carried out via the SMA Cluster Controller. You can access your Sunny Portal system from any computer with an Internet connection.

Webconnect enables - for PV systems operated in Italy - the connection or disconnection of the inverter to or from the utility grid and the specifying of the frequency limits to be used via IEC61850-GOOSE messages.


The product is equipped with a Modbus interface. The Modbus interface is deactivated by default and must be configured as needed.

The Modbus interface of the supported SMA products is designed for industrial use – via SCADA systems, for example – and has the following tasks:

  • Remote query of measured values

  • Remote setting of operating parameters

  • Setpoint specifications for system control

RS485 Interface

The inverter can communicate via cables with special SMA communication products via the RS485 interface (information on supported SMA products at The RS485 interface can be retrofitted and can be used in place of the SMA Speedwire/Webconnect interface in the inverter.

Grid management services

The product is equipped with service functions for grid management.

Depending on the requirements of the grid operator, you can activate and configure the functions (e.g. active power limitation) via operating parameters.

SMA Power Control Module

The SMA Power Control Module enables the inverter to implement grid management services and is equipped with an additional multifunction relay (for information on installation and configuration, see the installation manual of the SMA Power Control Module). The SMA Power Control Module can be retrofitted.

Multifunction Relay

You can configure the multifunction relay for various operating modes. The multifunction relay is used, for example, to switch fault indicators on or off (for information on installation and configuration, see the installation manual of the multifunction relay). The multifunction relay can be retrofitted.

SMA ShadeFix

The inverter is equipped with the shade management system SMA ShadeFix. SMA ShadeFix uses an intelligent MPP tracking system to determine the operating point with the highest output during shading conditions. With SMA ShadeFix, inverters use the best possible energy supply from the PV modules at all times to increase yields in shaded systems. SMA ShadeFix is enabled by default. The time interval of SMA ShadeFix is usually six minutes. This means that the inverter determines the optimum operating point every six minutes. Depending on the PV system or shading situation, it may be useful to adjust the time interval.

Surge Arrester Type II

Surge arresters limit dangerous overvoltages. Surge arresters of type II can be retrofitted.

Q on Demand 24/7

The inverter can supply reactive power by means of Q on Demand 24/7 covering the entire unit circle around the clock.

Integrated Plant Control

The inverter can display the Q(V) characteristic curve specified by the grid operator by means of Integrated Plant Control without measuring on the grid-connection point. The inverter can automatically compensate equipment installed between the inverter and the grid-connection point after having activated the function (for information on the system configuration refer to the Technical Information "Integrated Plant Control" at

SMA Smart Connected

SMA Smart Connected is the free monitoring of the product via the SMA Sunny Portal. Thanks to SMA Smart Connected, the operator and qualified person will be informed automatically and proactively about product events that occur.

SMA Smart Connected is activated during registration in Sunny Portal. In order to use SMA Smart Connected, it is necessary that the product is permanently connected to Sunny Portal and the data of the operator and qualified person is stored in Sunny Portal and up-to-date.