Decommissioning the Inverter

Qualified person

To decommission the inverter completely upon completion of its service life, proceed as described in this Section. If the inverter is defective and you have received a replacement device, observe the information on how to proceed when receiving a replacement device Procedure for Receiving a Replacement Device).


Risk of injury when lifting the inverter, or if it is dropped

The inverter weighs 61 kg. There is risk of injury if the inverter is lifted incorrectly or dropped while being transported or when attaching it to or removing it from the wall mounting bracket.

  1. Transport the inverter always as described below.



    Danger to life due to high voltages

    1. Disconnect the inverter from all voltage sources Disconnecting the Inverter from Voltage Sources).
  2. Remove the AC cable from the inverter. Press the locking levers all the way upward and pull the conductors out of the terminal block for the AC cable.
  3. Press down the locking levers of the terminal block for the AC cable.
  4. If the multi-function relay or the SMA Power Control Module are used, remove the connection cable from the inverter.
  5. If other cables (e.g. data cables or network cables) are connected, remove them from the inverter.
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  7. Insert the lower enclosure lid from above and flip it down. The screws must protrude from the lower enclosure lid.
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  9. Tighten all six screws with an Allen key (AF 3) in the order 1 to 6 (torque: 2.0 Nm ± 0.3 Nm). By tightening the screws in the prescribed order, you avoid warping the lid, which would keep it from sealing correctly. Tip: If the screws fall out of the lower enclosure lid, insert the long screw into the lower middle hole and the five short screws into the other holes.

    Risk of burns due to hot enclosure parts

    1. Wait 30 minutes for the enclosure to cool down.
  11. If the inverter is protected from being lifted off, unscrew the screws out of the lower drill holes in the rear panel of the inverter.
  12. Remove the inverter by lifting it up and off the wall mounting bracket.
  13. If the inverter is to be stored or shipped in packaging, pack the inverter, the wall mounting bracket and, if applicable, the DC load-break switch. Use the original packaging or packaging that is suitable for the weight and dimensions of the inverter.
  14. Dispose of the inverter in accordance with the locally applicable disposal regulations for electronic waste.