Replacing the Surge Arrester

Qualified person

If at least one surge arrester is defective, SMA Solar Technology AG recommends replacing all surge arresters.



    Danger to life due to electric shock

    1. Disconnect the inverter from all voltage sources and open the lower enclosure lid Disconnecting the Inverter from Voltage Sources).
    2. Wait 20 minutes before removing the DC protective cover.
  2. Release the screws on the DC protective cover using an Allen key (AF 3), lift the DC protective cover upwards from below and remove it.
  3. 1614563212
  4. Pull all surge arresters out of the slots. To do so, squeeze the grooved areas on the left and right sides of the surge arrester.
  5. 1614563596
  6. Remove the red protective ring from the middle contact on the bottom of each surge arrester.
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  8. Plug the new surge arresters into the designated slots until they lock into place with the locking tabs. The inspection window on each surge arrester must face to the right.
  9. Ensure that each surge arrester is securely inserted into its slot.
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  11. Tighten all four screws on the DC protective cover with an Allen key (AF 3) in the sequence 1 to 4 (torque: 3 Nm ± 0.3 Nm).