Setting SMA ShadeFix

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For partially shaded PV modules, you should set the interval at which the inverter is to optimize the MPP of the PV system. If you do not want to use SMA OptiTrac Global Peak feature, you can deactivate the feature.

The basic procedure for changing operating parameters is explained in another section Changing Operating Parameters).


  • Select the parameter Cycle time of the OptiTrac Global Peak algorithm or MPPShdw.CycTms and set the required time interval. The ideal time interval is usually six minutes. This value should only be increased if the shading situation changes extremely slowly.

    The inverter optimizes the MPP of the PV system at the predetermined time interval.

  • In order to deactivate the SMA OptiTrac Global Peak feature, select the parameter OptiTrac Global Peak switched on or set MPPShdw.IsOn to Off.