Configuration Procedure

Once you have commissioned the inverter, you may have to adjust various settings via the rotary switches in the inverter or via a communication product. This section describes the procedure for configuration and gives an overview of the steps you must perform in the prescribed order.



If required, integrate the inverter in a Speedwire network.

Integrating the Inverter into the Network

To manage the PV system data or to set the inverter parameters, capture the inverter in a communication product.

Manual of the communication product at

Change the system time and system password.

Manual of the communication product at

If required, register the inverter in Sunny Portal.

Manual of the SMA Speedwire/Webconnect data module

Configure grid management services according to the specifications of the grid operator, if applicable.

Technical Information"SMA GRID GUARD 10.0 - Grid management services through SMA Inverter"

If required, reduce the attenuation of ripple control signals.

Reducing the Attenuation of Ripple Control Signals

For partially shaded PV modules and depending on the given shading situation, you should set the interval at which the inverter optimizes the MPP of the PV system.

Setting SMA ShadeFix