Commissioning Procedure

Qualified person

This section describes the commissioning procedure and gives an overview of the steps you must perform in the prescribed order.



Commission the inverter.

Commissioning the Inverter

Establish a connection to the user interface of the inverter. There are various connection options to choose from for this:

  • Direct connection via WLAN

  • Direct connection via Ethernet

  • Connection via WLAN in the local network

  • Connection via Ethernet in the local network

Establishing a connection to the user interface

Log into the user interface.

Logging In and Out of the User Interface

Select the inverter configuration option. Please note that the SMA Grid Guard code for changing the grid-relevant parameters must be available after completion of the first ten feed-in hours or installation assistant (see "Application for the SMA Grid Guard code" available at

Selecting a configuration option

Ensure that the country data set has been configured correctly.

Configuring the Country Data Set

For PV systems in Italy or Dubai: Start the self-test.

Starting the Self-Test (for Italy and Dubai)

Make further inverter settings as needed.