Sensor Assignment

Sunny Portal uses sensor data to calculate the performance ratio (PR) of the system. Satellite-based data or data of locally connected sensors can be used. The data are shown in a sensor widget on the dashboard. A sensor for solar irradiation, external temperature, cell temperature and wind speed can be each assigned. When using satellite-based data, the system properties must be correct. The system location and system orientation are of particular importance.


  1. Select a system in Sunny Portal.
  2. Select the menu item Sensor assignment in the menu Configuration.
  3. Click the button to assign a new sensor.
  4. Select the name of the local sensor or Satellite from the selection menu Device.
  5. Select the input channel that is configured for the sensor from the selection menu Input.
  6. When using satellite-based data, enter the system properties.
  7. Click on [Save].