Configuring Notifications

To be informed of certain events in your system, you can turn on notifications. Notifications inform all system users registered in Sunny Portal, a system group or a system section simultaneously. The language of the sent notifications matches the language assigned to the user account. The following notification types are available:



Alarm communication monitoring

The alarm informs you of communication disturbances of your communication devices.

Alarm grid management services

The alarm informs you of events relating to grid management services.

Alarm performance ratio

The alarm informs you when the performance ratio is outside the tolerance.

Alarm inverter comparison

The alarm informs you of the yield warnings of the inverter comparison.

Alarm active power limitation

The alarm informs you of active power limitations in your PV system.

Detailed report

The detailed report informs you of in-depth device data in your system and of deviations of the specific yield.

Event report

The event report informs you of all events occurring in your PV system.

Infor report

The info report informs you regularly of the yields of your system.

AS 5033

The alarm informs you about grounding fault events according to the standard AS 5033.

IEC 62109-2

The alarm informs you about events regarding grounding faults, residual current and the grid disconnecting device according to the standard IEC 62109-2 / DIN EN 62109-2.

SMA Remote Service: Firmware Update Information

This report gives you information about available updates for your central inverter.

The SMA Remote Service function must be activated and an SMA Data Manager L must be installed in the system.


  1. Log into Sunny Portal.
  2. Select system, system group or system section.
  3. Select the menu Configuration.
  4. In the context menu, select [Notifications].
  5. To add a new notification, click the button .
  6. To configure a notification, click the button .
  7. Configure notification and confirm with [Save].