Creating a System

In order to be able to monitor and configure the devices of your system, create a system in Sunny Portal. The settings can be changed at any time in the system properties. There are three ways to create a system in Sunny Portal:

  • create new system

  • create a system planned in Sunny Design

  • import a system existing in the classic Sunny Portal to replace a communication device by a SMA Data Manager, for example

The system setup assistant is a step-by-step guide to the processes required for the registration of your system in Sunny Portal.


Overview creating system

Service access and assistance with problems

To ensure a better quality of service, activate the switch for service access during registration. Indicate which role you have in the system. With this information, we will be able to offer you additional services such as SMA Smart Connected, and contact the correct persons in the event of problems.


  • The registration ID (RID) and the identification key (PIC) of the type label of the SMA product or of other provided labels must be available.

  • All devices in the local network must be in operation and connected to the Sunny Portal via an Internet router.

  • A maximum of one Data Manager with the option Master may be present in a system.


  1. Log into Sunny Portal.
  2. Select the menu Configuration.
  3. Select [Create system] in the context menu.
  4. The system setup assistant opens.
  5. Select how the system is to be created and then follow the installation assistant steps.