Using the function Analysis Pro in the menu Analysis you can compare detailed measured values of individual devices with each other, with the overall system or with systems of the entire portfolio.


Analysis Pro function (example)




Tabs Energy and power - PV and Detailed analysis

The tab Energy and power - PV shows energy yields for day, week, month, year or the entire period.

The tab Detailed analysis shows detailed AC and DC measured values for day and week. In the detailed analysis, individual measured values can be enabled and disabled for the diagram preview. The selection of the measured values can be saved as its own channel profile. Pre-defined and own channel profiles can be selected in the left area of the detailed analysis.


Tabs to select the time periods for displaying the energy yields


Diagram preview

The diagram preview is divided into sections by lines. If you select a section in the diagram preview, the content is shown in the large diagram.


Absolute yield or specific yield

In this area you can select whether the absolute yield or the specific yield is displayed.



Tip: If you move the mouse on to the diagram, the value from the area Details is shown next to the cursor.


Details area

This area contains the power values of the displayed diagram as 15-minute mean values. The values can be exported as a CSV file.


Event monitor area

This area contains messages from selected devices and associated higher-level system messages.


Event monitor filter area

In this area, you can filter messages of the selected devices and systems.


All systems and devices area

In this area, you can select whether values of the system and/or individual devices are to be displayed in the large diagram and in the Details area. To display data of decommissioned devices, enable the selection.


Current selection area

In this area, you can select devices and systems for the analysis.