System Requirements

Ports for data communication

In small local networks the use of certain ports is unrestricted. In industrial networks, the use of these ports may require authorization from the system administrator. For proper operation, the outgoing Internet connection must allow the use of the following ports and URLs:

  1. Updates: Port 80 (http) /
  2. Time synchronization with Sunny Portal (if not provided by the Internet router): Port 123 (NTP) /
  3. Data transmission: Port 443 (https/TLS) /
  4. User interface: Port 443 (https/TLS) /
  5. SMA Webconnect 1.5 and SMA SPOT: Port 9524 (TCP) /
  • An end device (e.g. computer or tablet PC) must be available.

  • An active Internet connection must be established.

  • The respective latest version of one of the following web browsers must be installed: Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

  • JavaScript must be enabled in the web browser of the end device.

Required SMA products

Availability of SMA products in your country

Not all SMA products are available in all countries. For information on whether an SMA product is available in your country, contact your distributor.

The following SMA products are capable of capturing and sending system data to the Sunny Portal:

Communication devices:

  • SMA Data Manager M

  • SMA Data Manager M Lite

  • SMA Data Manager L


  • SBx.x-1SP-US-40

  • SBx.x-1SP-US-41

  • SB5.5-LV-JP-41