System Properties

You can change the following system properties subsequently that you assigned when creating a system:

System properties


System data

The system data are general data relevant to the PV system. The following data can be changed, for example:

  • System name

  • Date of commissioning

  • Description

  • Currency

  • Feed-in tariff

  • National metering identifier (Identification number to uniquely identify each power connection point in Australia)*

Operator and installer data

Information on the operator and installer of the system. With this information, we will be able to offer you additional services such as SMA Smart Connected, and contact the correct persons in the event of problems.


You can manage your system portfolio by means of your location information, and receive location-specific weather and power forecasts. The location is selected via map input and can be adjusted manually if necessary.

PV array

If a PV array is installed in the system, power and yield prognoses can be identified on the basis of this information and a performance ratio (PR) calculated as accurately as possible. The values must be stated in kW.


The PV current generated by your system can be directly marketed with SMA SPOT.*

External access

The access to the system and the quality of the data communication are configured here. The following configurations are possible:

  • External parameterization

  • Service access

  • Intensity of the data communication

The service access is activated automatically as soon as the SMA Remote Service has been enabled in the settings for system monitoring.

If the service access is disabled, this can only be undone via the user interface of the communication device.

Automatic updates

All update-capable SMA products of your system can receive automatic function and security updates. The function can also be set individually for each device in the parameter list.

System password

Here you can set a system password for communication with the SMA Webconnect devices.

* This function is not available in all countries.

Profiles for data communication

Different profiles are available to control the intensity of data communication in the system. The profiles can be edited in the system properties at any time in Sunny Portal to adjust the intensity. Note that when switching from a low to a high intensity data communication, the data from the past is not retroactively adjusted. The adjustment applies from the date of the change. The following profile can be selected for data communication:

  1. High (default setting): Devices send all relevant data to the Sunny Portal every 5 minutes.
  2. Medium: Devices send all relevant data to the Sunny Portal every 15 minutes.
  3. Low: Devices send the most important data to the Sunny Portal 6 times per day.