System Monitoring

System monitoring provides information on the monitoring status of your system. Various monitoring options are available, which you can set and enable. If desired, the PV system monitoring can send you an alert via e-mail. The following functions can be enabled and set in system monitoring:



Inverter comparison

With the inverter comparison function, possible yield losses can be identified. If the specific yield of an inverter deviates significantly from the set tolerance to the mean value of the yields of all inverters, you can be notified by e-mail.

Inverter comparison will only be displayed if there is more than one inverter in your system.

An alarm is issued if the deviation exceeds 1 kWh/kWp.

Performance ratio

The performance ratio (PR) is a measure of the quality of a PV system that is independent of location and is therefore often referred to as quality factor. The performance ratio is the ratio between the actual yield and the target yield of the system. Hence, it indicates the proportion of generated energy that is actually available for feed-in after deduction of energy losses (e.g. due to thermal and conduction losses ) and of the requisite operating current.

With the performance ratio, you can check the quality of your system. The closer the PR value determined for a system is to 1, the more efficiently the respective system is operating.

The performance ratio is calculated by means of the following formula:

* ⍺ = Temperature coefficient of the PV module. Sunny Portal uses the average value -0.4%/°C for the calculation.

Expected PV yield

With the expected PV yield, deviations between expected and actual annual yield of the PV system can be shown. The expected annual yield of the PV system is calculated from the specific annual yield at the PV system location and the PV system power.

SMA remote service

Enable the option for the SMA Remote Service if it is part of the purchased functionality for your SMA central inverter. As part of this service, the factory warranty includes free updates for your central inverter. You will be automatically informed about the availability of new updates. An appropriate notification is created for you when you enable this option. You can customize this at any time in the notification configuration. Enabling this option also enables service access for SMA and remote parameterization.

To be able to use this function, an SMA Data Manager L must be installed in the system.