LED Signals

The LEDs indicate the operating state of the product.

LED signal


The green LED is flashing (two seconds on and two seconds off)

Waiting for feed-in conditions

The conditions for feed-in operation are not yet met. As soon as the conditions are met, the inverter will start feed-in operation.

The green LED flashes quickly

Update of central processing unit

The central processing unit of the inverter is being updated.

The green LED is glowing

Feed-in operation

The inverter feeds in with a power of at least 90%.

The green LED is pulsing

Feed-in operation

The inverter is equipped with a dynamic power display via the green LED. Depending on the power, the green LED pulses fast or slow. If necessary, you can switch off the dynamic power display via the green LED.

The green LED is off

The inverter is not feeding into the utility grid.

The red LED is glowing

Event occurred

If an event occurs, a distinct event message and the corresponding event number will be displayed in addition on the product user interface or in the communication product (e.g. SMA Data Manager).

The blue LED flashes slowly for approx. one minute

Communication connection is being established

The inverter is establishing a connection to a local network or is establishing a direct connection to an end device via Ethernet (e.g. computer, tablet PC or smartphone).

The blue LED flashes quickly for approx. two minutes (0.25 s on and 0.25 s off).

WPS active

The WPS function is active.

The blue LED is glowing

Communication active

There is an active connection with a local network or there is a direct connection with an end device via Ethernet (e.g. computer, tablet PC or smartphone).