Connecting the Inverter to the Utility Grid

Qualified person


  • The connection requirements of the grid operator must be met.

  • The grid voltage must be within the permissible range. The exact operating range of the inverter is specified in the operating parameters.


  1. Disconnect the circuit breaker and secure it against reconnection.
  2. Dismantle the AC cable by 50 mm.
  3. Shorten L and N by 8 mm each, so that the grounding conductor is 8 mm longer. This ensures that the grounding conductor is the last to be pulled from the screw terminal in the event of tensile strain.
  4. Strip the insulation of L, N and the grounding conductor12 mm.
  5. In the case of fine stranded wire L, N and PE are to be fitted with bootlace ferrules.
  6. Assemble the AC connector and connect the conductor to the AC connector (see manual of the AC connector).
  7. Ensure that all conductors are securely connected to the AC connector.
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  9. Plug the AC connector into the jack for the AC connection. When doing so, align the AC connector so that the key on the inverter AC jack is inserted into the keyway on the AC connector bush insert.