Commissioning the Inverter

Qualified person


  • The AC circuit breaker must be correctly rated and mounted.

  • The inverter must be correctly mounted.

  • All cables must be correctly connected.


  1. Switch on the AC circuit breaker.
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  3. Turn the DC load-break switch of the inverter to position I.
  4. All three LEDs light up. The start-up phase begins.
  5. During start-up phase of the inverter, the desired firmware is being installed.
  6. All three LEDs go out again after approximately 90 seconds.
  7. The green LED starts to flash and, if the inverter is connected via Speedwire, the blue LED also starts to flash. If the green LED is still flashing after some time, the conditions for activating feed-in operation are not yet met. As soon as the conditions for feed-in operation are met, the inverter starts with feed-in operation and, depending on the available power, the green LED will light up continuously or it will pulse.
  8. If th red LED is glowing, an error has occurred that must be rectified Troubleshooting).