Connecting Additional Grounding

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If additional grounding or equipotential bonding is required locally, you can connect additional grounding to the inverter. This prevents touch current if the grounding conductor on the AC connector fails. The necessary ring terminal lug and the screw are included in the scope of delivery of the inverter.

Additionally required material (not included in the scope of delivery):

  • 1 grounding cable

Grounding cable requirements:

Use of fine-stranded conductors

You can use an inflexible or a flexible, fine-stranded conductor.

  1. When using a fine-stranded conductor, it has to be double crimped by a ring terminal lug. Make sure that no insulated conductor is visible when pulling or bending. This will ensure sufficient strain relief by means of the ring terminal lug.
  • Grounding cable cross-section: max. 10 mm²


  1. Strip the grounding cable insulation.
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  3. Insert the stripped part of the grounding cable into the ring terminal lug and crimp using a crimping tool.
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  5. Insert the pan head screw M5x12 into the screw hole in the ring terminal lug and screw the ring terminal lug with screw firmly onto the connection point for additional grounding using a Torx screwdriver (TX 25, torque: 2.5 Nm).