Starting the Self-Test (for Italy and Dubai)

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The self-test is only required for inverters that are to be commissioned in Italy or Dubai. The Italian standard CEI 0-21 and the DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) stipulate that all inverters that feed into the utility grid are equipped with a self-test function. During the self-test, the inverter will consecutively check the reaction times for overvoltage, undervoltage, maximum frequency and minimum frequency.

The self-test changes the upper and lower disconnection values for each protective function on a linear basis for frequency monitoring and voltage monitoring. As soon as the measured value exceeds the permitted disconnection threshold, the inverter disconnects from the utility grid. In this way, the inverter determines the reaction time and checks itself.

After the self-test has been completed, the inverter automatically switches back to feed-in operation, resets the original disconnection conditions and connects to the utility grid. The test takes approximately three minutes.


  • The country data set of the inverter must be set to CEI 0-21 internal or DEWA 2016 internal.


  1. Select the menu Device Configuration.
  2. Select [Settings].
  3. Select [Starting the Self-Test] in the subsequent context menu.
  4. Follow the instructions appearing in the dialog and save the report of the self-test where necessary.