Selecting a configuration option

Qualified person

After having assigned the password to the Installer or User, the Configuring the Inverter page opens.


Layout of the Configuring the Inverter page





Device information

Provides the following information:

  • Device name

  • Inverter serial number

  • Inverter firmware version


User information

Provides brief information on the listed configuration options


Skip configuration

Offers the option of skipping the inverter configuration and go directly to the user interface (not recommended)



Allows you to choose not to have the displayed page displayed again when the user interface is called up again


Configuration options

Provides a selection of the various configuration options

Configuration options:

On the Configuring the Inverter page, different configuration options are available to choose from. Select one of the options and proceed for the selected option as described below. SMA Solar Technology AG recommends carrying out the configuration with the installation assistant. This way, you ensure that all relevant parameters are set for optimal inverter operation.

  • Adoption of configuration from a file

  • Configuration with the installation assistant (recommended)

  • Manual configuration

Accepting the settings

Saving the made settings is indicated by an hourglass symbol on the user interface. If the DC voltage is sufficient, the data is transferred directly to the inverter and accepted. If the DC voltage is too low (e. g. in the evening), the settings are saved, but they cannot be directly transferred to or accepted by the inverter. As long as the inverter has not yet received and accepted the settings, the hourglass symbol will continue to be displayed on the user interface. The settings will be accepted when there is sufficient DC voltage applied and the inverter restarts. As soon as the hourglass symbol appears on the user interface, the settings have been saved. The settings will not be lost. You can log off of the user interface and leave the system.

Adopting the Configuration from a File

You can adopt the inverter configuration from a file. To do this, there must be an inverter configuration saved to a file.


  1. Select the configuration option Adopting configuration from a file.
  2. Select [Browse...] and select the desired file.
  3. Select [Import file].

Configuring the Installation Assistant (Recommended)


  1. Select the configuration option Configuration with Installation Assistant.
  2. The installation assistant will open.
  3. Follow the installation assistant steps and make the settings appropriate for your system.
  4. For every setting made in a step, select [Save and next].
  5. In the last step, all made settings are listed in a summary.
  6. To correct settings you made, select [Back], navigate to the desired step, correct settings and select [Save and continue].
  7. Once all settings are correct, select [Next] in the summary.
  8. To save the settings to a file, select [Export a summary] and save the file on your end device.
  9. To export all parameters and their settings, select [Export all parameters]. This exports all parameters and their settings into an HTML file.
  • The start page of the user interface opens.

Manual configuration

You can configure the inverter manually by setting the desired parameters.


  1. Select the configuration option Manual Configuration.
  2. The Device Parameters menu on the user interface will open and all available parameter groups of the inverter will be displayed.
  3. Select [Edit parameters].
  4. Select the desired parameter group.
  5. All available parameters of the parameter group will be displayed.
  6. Set the desired parameters.
  7. Select [Save all].
  • The inverter parameters are set.