Decommissioning the Inverter

Qualified person

To decommission the inverter completely upon completion of its service life, proceed as described in this Section.


Risk of injury due to weight of product

Injuries may result if the product is lifted incorrectly or dropped while being transported or mounted.

  1. Transport and lift the product carefully. Take the weight of the product into account.
  2. Wear suitable personal protective equipment for all work on the product.



    Danger to life due to high voltages

    1. Disconnect the inverter from all voltage sources Disconnecting the Inverter from Voltage Sources).

    Risk of burns due to hot enclosure parts

    1. Wait 30 minutes for the enclosure to cool down.
  3. Unscrew the RS485 plug and pull it out of the jack.
  4. Screw the protective cap onto the RS485 jack.
  5. 2371721228
  6. Unscrew the swivel nut from the threaded sleeve for the network cable.
  7. 3235478796
  8. Unscrew and remove the threaded sleeve from the network port thread on the inverter.
  9. 2371721996
  10. Release the network cable plug and pull it out of the jack on the inverter.
  11. 2047884812
  12. Take the cable support sleeve out of the threaded sleeve and remove the network cable from the cable support sleeve.
  13. 2371722380
  14. Lead the network cable out of the threaded sleeve and the swivel nut.
  15. 2371722764
  16. Screw the protective cap onto the network port.
  17. 2371723148
  18. Unscrew and remove the antenna.
  19. 2371723532
  20. If there is a protective cap available, plug the protective cap onto the jack for connecting the antenna.
  21. 2371723916
  22. If an additional grounding or an equipotential bonding is connected to the inverter, unscrew the pan head screw M5x12 (TX25) and remove the grounding cable.
  23. 2371724300
  24. Unscrew the left- and right-hand pan head screws M5x12 used to secure the inverter to the wall mounting bracket (TX25).
  25. 3189062156
  26. Remove the inverter by lifting it vertically up and off the wall mounting bracket.
  27. 2047887884
  28. Unscrew the screws for fastening the wall mounting bracket and remove the wall mounting bracket.
  29. If the inverter is to be stored or shipped, pack the inverter, the AC connector, the DC connector, the RJ45 protective sleeve, the antenna and the wall mounting bracket. Use the original packaging or packaging that is suitable for the weight and dimensions of the inverter.
  30. Dispose of the inverter in accordance with the locally applicable disposal regulations for electronic waste.