Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten the password for the inverter, you can unlock the inverter with a Personal Unlocking Key (PUK). For each inverter, there is one PUK for each user group (User and Installer). Tip: With PV systems in Sunny Portal, you can also assign a new password via Sunny Portal for the user group Installer. The password for the user group Installer is the same as the system password in Sunny Portal.


  1. Request PUK (application form available at
  2. Activate the user interface Establishing a connection to the user interface).
  3. Enter the PUK instead of the password into the field Password.
  4. Select Login.
  5. Call up the menu Device Parameters.
  6. Select [Edit parameters].
  7. In the parameter group User Rights > Access Control change the password of the desired user group.
  8. Select [Save all] to save the changes.

PV Systems in Sunny Portal

The password for the user group Installer is also the system password for the PV system in Sunny Portal. Changing the password of the user group Installer can lead to the inverter no longer being able to be reached by Sunny Portal.

  1. Assign the changed password of the user group Installer as the new system password in Sunny Portal (see the Sunny Portal user manual at