Establishing a direct connection via WLAN


  • The product must be commissioned.

  • An end device (e.g. computer, tablet PC or smartphone) must be available.

  • The respective latest version of one of the following web browsers must be installed: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

  • JavaScript must be enabled in the web browser of the end device.

  • The SMA Grid Guard code of the Installer must be available for the changing of grid-relevant settings after completion of the first ten feed-in hours or installation assistant (see "Application for SMA Grid Guard Code" at

SSID, IP address and necessary passwords

  1. SSID in WLAN: SMA[serial number] (e.g. SMA0123456789)
  2. Standard WLAN password (usable until completion of the configuration by means of the installation assistant or prior to the end of the first ten feed-in hours): SMA12345
  3. Device-specific WLAN password (usable after initial configuration and completion of the first ten feed-in hours): see WPA2-PSK on the type label of the inverter or on the back of the manual included in the delivery
  4. Standard IP address for a direct connection via WLAN outside of a local network:

Importing and exporting files with end devices having an iOS operating system is not possible.

For technical reasons, importing and exporting files (e.g. importing an inverter configuration, saving the current inverter configuration or exporting events and parameters) is not possible with mobile end devices having an iOS operating system.

  1. Use an end device that does not have an iOS operating system for importing and exporting files.

The procedure can be different depending on the end devices. If the procedure described does not apply to your end device, establish the direct connection via WLAN as described in the manual of your end device.


  1. If your end device has a WPS function:
    • Activate the WPS function on the inverter. To do this, tap twice on the enclosure lid of the Connection Unit.

      The blue LED flashes quickly for approx. two minutes. The WPS function is active during this time.

    • Activate the WPS on your end device.

      The connection with your end device will be established automatically. It can take up to 20 seconds for this connection to be established.

  2. If your end device does not have a WPS function:
    • Search for WLAN networks with your end device.

    • Select the SSID of the inverter SMA[serial number] in the list with the found WLAN networks.

    • Enter the inverter WLAN password. Within the first ten feed-in hours and prior to completing the configuration by means of the installation assistant, you must use the standard WLAN password SMA12345. After the first ten feed-in hours or after completing the configuration by means of the installation assistant, you must use the device-specific WLAN password (WPA2-PSK) of the inverter. You find the WLAN password (WPA2-PSK) on the type label.

  3. Enter the IP address or, if your device supports mDNS services, SMA[serial number].local or https://SMA[serial number] in the address bar of the web browser and press the enter key.
  4. Web browser signals a security vulnerability

    After the IP address has been confirmed by pressing the enter key, a message might appear indicating that the connection to the user interface of the inverter is not secure. SMA Solar Technology AG guarantees that calling up the user interface is secure.

    1. Continue loading the user interface.
  5. The login page of the user interface opens.