Establishing a Direct Connection via Ethernet


  • The product must be commissioned.

  • An end device (e.g. computer) with an Ethernet interface must be available.

  • The product must be connected directly to the end device.

  • The respective latest version of one of the following web browsers must be installed: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

  • The SMA Grid Guard code of the Installer must be available for the changing of grid-relevant settings after completion of the first ten feed-in hours or installation assistant (see "Application for SMA Grid Guard Code" at

IP address of the inverter

  1. Standard inverter IP address for direct connection via Ethernet:


  1. Open the web browser of your device, enter the IP address in the address line and press the enter key.
  2. Web browser signals a security vulnerability

    After the IP address has been confirmed by pressing the enter key, a message might appear indicating that the connection to the user interface of the inverter is not secure. SMA Solar Technology AG guarantees that calling up the user interface is secure.

    1. Continue loading the user interface.
  • The login page of the user interface opens.