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Cause and corrective measures

Obsolete or incorrect measured values are displayed.

Connection to VPN or Internet is disrupted.

  • Ensure that the network cable is connected correctly and that the network port Link LED is glowing.


  • Check the status of the connected devices in the device overview in Sunny Portal.

The energy meter is connected incorrectly.

  • Connect the energy meter correctly (see energy meter manual).


  • Swap the channels for purchased-electricity and feed-in meters in the meter configuration on the user interface.


  • In the meter configuration on the user interface select an inverse profile.

The display in your web browser is not updated.

  • Reload the page in your web browser.

Not all devices are being detected.

Not all devices are in operation.

  • Ensure that all devices are in operation.

There are too many devices in the system.

  • Ensure that no more than permissible devices are in the system.

The network configuration of the local network is incorrect.

  • Ensure that the network configuration is correct. SMA Solar Technology AG recommends automatic network configuration.

The Data Manager user interface cannot be called up.

The firmware has been updated to a newer version.

  • After a firmware update, errors may arise when restarting the products. Reset the product to the default settings. To do so, press and hold down the function button for 15 to 20 seconds. This will also reset all of the data in the product.

Modified parameters will not be adopted after a waiting time of approximately 1 minute.

Parameters are modified by 2 users at the same time.

  • Ensure that parameters cannot be modified at the same time on the user interface of the product and in Sunny Portal.

The Data Manager cannot be registered in Sunny Portal.

The Internet connection via a proxy server is not possible.

  • Contact your network administrator.

The PIC or RID entry is incorrect.

  • Verify your entry.

The firmware of a connected SMA product was not updated during a firmware update via USB flash drive.

The firmware version downloaded is not the latest or is not suitable for the SMA product.

  • The firmware version must be later than the firmware version installed on the SMA product. Ensure that you have downloaded the correct firmware version for your SMA product and update the firmware again.

The DC input voltage is not sufficient for a firmware update.

  • With older inverters, a firmware update is only possible above a certain DC input voltage. Depending on the time of day, the weather, and the condition of the PV modules (e.g. affected by pollution or covered with snow), the DC input voltage may be too low for a firmware update. Ensure that there is sufficient DC voltage present and update the firmware again.

The transmission quality in the local network is not sufficient.

  • Errors can occur during data transmission if the transmission quality in the local network is too low. Check the network status of your local network and, if necessary, contact your network administrator.

No data are displayed on the user interface of the Data Manager.

The buffer capacitor of the Data Manager's real-time clock might have discharged due to being without voltage supply for a longer time period.

  • Ensure that the Data Manager has access to a time server on the Internet or in the local network to obtain a current time.